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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cashing out Paypals

So your intrested in cashing out paypals well its not as easy as it sounds, but you can basicly cash out paypal account at a ATM!!
firstly you have to be located in the usa then the next sep would be to get some fulls - then you would have to get matching ID scans or what ever if fine...
You then need to go on sign up useing one of your fulls so at this point you should have id fulls and paypal account assigned to one of the fulls - you then need to apply for a thing called a paypal credit card, but you also need to sort out a drop for where this will get sent to, to change the address is a little more complicated (well not really, but if you want more info on that then contact me.) so you then wait for a week and Bingo! you have your Paypal creditcard, now you can transfure funds to the paypal account that is assigned to the paypal credit card... i recomend you transfure 1000$ per paypal, if you want paypal account with avaliable ballance.

So you can cash out 500$ a day i recomend you go at midnight and then you can cash out 1000$ after 00:00 hours

the link to apply for the card is

Here is what you do:
This is for your cashout account:
0. You must be located in the United States for this to be possible.
1. Retreave your fulls. You will need info such as Name, DOB, SSN, Address, Phone number*, email, Bank info, etc.
2. You need to get SSN card scan with matching ID scan
3. Go to hxxps:// and sign up for a personal account using the information provided by your full. Make sure you?re using a proxy from the same state as your full info, same city is even better. Also you will need to use the address that is on the full, then later change the address.
a. Make sure the info on the full has never been registered with paypal previously. I am not sure how to do this, can anyone help?
4. You then need to apply for paypal debit card. Make sure to have the CC shipped to your drop and not the fulls drop.

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