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Friday, June 27, 2008

star forcd cd protection bypassing

Hello, i'm gonna post here 3 ways of bypass the StarForce CD Protection that comes with some games. The 2 first ways, were used to bypass the StarForce Protection of «Codename Panzers Phase», the last one, is the way of play «D-Day», but they might work with other games:


1) Do not put any cd...;
2) Run Daemon-Tools with RMPS on (don't know how necessary is this);
3) Run the will say Error, No CD Found or something like this;
4) Turn off Daemon-Tools rpms...
5) Eject the CDrom/DVDrom and put it in...and when it's beginning to retract back the CD tray... i click retry immediately! Before it even goes in.

When doing this i get 100% success loading the game with the backup CD!...If i waited until the CD goes all the way in, it never worked for me.



1) CD1 & CD2 has to be burned on a 700MB CD-R or CD-RW, burn CD3 on a 700MB CD-RW!!!
2) Select the following preferences with Alcohol 120% and then burn the CD:

Filetype:...............................:Useradvan ced (as the user want´s it?)
Buffer Underrun Technology activate:.oh.gifN
Don´t Close The Last Session:........:OFF
Ignore EFM Error :.....................:OFF
Correct Sub-Channel :................oh.gifN (default)
"RMPS" write on disc (or write on medium I don´t know):............:OFF

3) Install the game and start it;
4) Reboot your pc that the Starforce 3 driver is going to activate itsself;
5) Insert the disc 3 an play the game;

NOTE: Before the Start you aren´t allowed to activate Emulations with alcohol or to run any kind of deamontool
Don´t Mount the Images! The game starts only if you have Disc 3 in your drive!

Burn CD1, CD2, CD3 as it´s described in the upper part, than remove alcohol 120.

Remove all CD´s of your drives.
Start Deamon-Tools and activate RMPS.

Start Panzers.
Than there is a ERROR: CD not found (or something like that)- but thats ok.

Now deactivate the RMPS in your DeamonTools but still run the program in the background . Deactivate only PMPS . Now insert CD3 to your drive an click on the button retry

Now the game starts.



1) Install D-Day;
2) Shut Down PC;
3) Turn off the power from yor CD/DVD-Roms manually;
4) Turn on your PC;
5) Mount the D-Day CD1 with Deamon-Tools, use RMPS Emulation;
6) Play and have fun.

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